backend simplified

Sync SAP and CockroachDB

Stacksync let's you sync data between SAP and CockroachDB. Robust, real-time and two-way sync without writing code.

Two-way sync
Continuously streaming sync
Single source of truth for your data

Edit data anywhere, it updates everywhere.

Finally! The data you want is in the tool you want! 🎉
Update data on any app, event-based triggers on CRUD operations and choose your processing region to keep your data compliant.

No-code setup in minutes

Connect your apps and choose the tables to sync. We handle the rest!


Creating a real-time streaming pipeline has never been so easy. Expect updates to propagate in milliseconds anywhere!

Bidirectional sync

Update data in your favourite database to instantly update your CRM, and vice-versa 🤯Your data keeps in sync!

Effortless Triggers for Event-driven

Our no-code trigger editor lets you build complex logic triggers to fire up any of your systems. No more need to hustle messy CRM docs!

Safe and Secure

Built-in security from the ground up, you data is kept safe at all stages. Military grade AES encryption, connection options with SSL and SSH, choose your processing regions to stay compliant, we got you covered!

Reliable and Scales massively

Any use case! Forget API rate limits and tokens, error handling, unresponsive servers,... You can now trust your data at all times!

Backend simplified

Connect SAP and CockroachDB

A No-code setup that gets you ready in minutes, and keeps maintenance costs to zero forever.

1. Select your apps

Choose the apps you want to sync from our growing set integrations.

2. Map your tables and fields ✨

Map the tables and fields between your systems so it fits your workflow.

3. That's it! 🎉

Data is flowing, streaming, living! You just setup the backbone of your system integration without a single line of code!

deliver projects faster

Save hours and focus on what matters.

Integrating between CRMs, Databases and ERPs should not distract your team from your what you do best - your product.
Stacksync enables simple, reliable and massively scaling real-time and bidirectional system integration so you can deliver in minutes, not months.

Laser-focused teams use Stacksync
start syncing now

Integrate your systems in seconds

Stacksync lets you connect all your Apps in seconds, not projects.