CRM integration in minutes, not projects

Real-time & Bidirectional Data Synchronization between your CRM and Database/Data Warehouse. No-code setup, auto-scales as you grow!


Be one of the smart ones. Companies develop new CRM features and consolidate data as fast as they think.


Edit data anywhere, it updates everywhere.

Finally! The data you want is in the tool you want! 🎉
Update data on any app, event-based triggers on CRUD operations and choose your processing region to keep your data compliant.

No-code setup in minutes

Connect your apps and choose the tables to sync. We handle the rest!


Creating a real-time streaming pipeline has never been so easy. Expect updates to propagate in milliseconds anywhere!

Bidirectional sync

Update data in your favourite database to instantly update your CRM, and vice-versa 🤯Your data keeps in sync!

Effortless Triggers for Event-driven

Our no-code trigger editor lets you build complex logic triggers to fire up any of your systems. No more need to hustle messy CRM docs!

Safe and Secure

Built-in security from the ground up, you data is kept safe at all stages. Military grade AES encryption, connection options with SSL and SSH, choose your processing regions to stay compliant, we got you covered!

Reliable and Scales massively

Any use case! Forget API rate limits and tokens, error handling, unresponsive servers,... You can now trust your data at all times!


Skip the API. Get your data in there already!

What made you worry in the past is no more!


Create custom rules on your Create, Update and Delete data events so that your systems get notified in real time. This is no code, No need to look into your messy CRM documentation!

Custom rules

Data filters

Unlimited executions

Scale as you grow

We have designed our system to handle any workload, from contact forms to IoT. Manage in the UI the rate limit control of your sync and we'll make sure no high traffic hits your systems!

No-coders feel at home

Our no-code setup and Make & Zapier integration make it easy to build any app with Stacksync.


Do not take our word for granted. Trust theirs.

This tool gets you started in minutes, but you'll love it for life. Our biggest fans are our users.

“ Choosin Stacksync was a no-brainer. Its easy to setup and saves us a toooon of time. “

Theresa Webb
Head of Engineering, Clinton, Washington

"I STRONGLY recommend it to EVERYONE getting started with Salesforce!"

Jerome Bell
Data Engineer, Franklin, Washington

"I love it. I could probably go into sales for you. I made back the purchase price in just 48 hours!"

Idris Marques
No-coder and Solutions Architect, San Miguel de Allende

"It's all good. Man, Stacksync helps us get rid of the Salesforce API and its dirty documentation. I'd be lost without it.

Sajid Drell
Java Programmer, Cartagena

It's time to make your dev team shine and deliver on time.

CRM integration should not be a headache. We made it trivial so you can smash these Jira tickets in a snap.
Scales as you grow
Cancel anytime

Choose Your Plan

Enjoy 2 weeks free trial with all plans! For scaling users, Pro or Enterprise plan is recommended.

Monthly Billing
Annual Billing



Generous tier ideal to get started with system integrations and for Startups

1 active Base
10k Monthly Active Rows (MAR)
All integrations
3 collaborators
1 day log retention
Community Slack
Free bases pause after 7 days of inactivity



For established users of entreprise systems or databases & data warehouses

3 active Bases
1 Million MAR + additional usage
All integrations
Choose your processing region 🌍
7 days log retention
Unlimited Collaborators
Chat Support
Early access to Preview integrations



Custom bulk discounts, SLAs and Support round the clock for Scaling Customers

Everything in PRO plus 👇
Unlimited Bases
Dedicated Solutions Architect for setup and monthly support
30 days log retention
24/7 Hotline
Custom processing regions
MAR Bulk discounts

Stacksync scales as you grow. Pricing for additional MAR consumed is by increment of 1 thousand MAR.

Monthly Active Rows (MAR)
0 → 10k
10k → 100k
100k → 1M
1M → 10M
10M → 100M
100M → ∞
Price per additional 1k MAR
Monthly Active Rows (MAR)
Price per additional 1k MAR
0 → 10k
10k → 100k
100k → 1M
1M → 10M
10M → 100M
100M → ∞

Refer and Earn 15% recurring commission 🎁

You are a Stacksync user, freelance or a consulting firm implementing with Stacksync? Join our affiliate programme and get 10$ on every account creation + 15% recurring commission for one year!

Refer and Earn
*see all terms here.

Question we get asked

This is the F.A.Q with extra steps

How to connect with Salesforce?

Connect Stacksync to your Salesforce with a single click! We use OAuth to make it easy for you.

Is the connection secure?

We took care to provide all possible options for you to connect and stay compliant with your security standards. We offer military-grade AES encryption, SSL, SSH, OAuth, Auto-Rotating API tokens, data processing region of your choice... all for the best practices in industry for you!

We are restructuring our massive CRM data flows, do you provide guidance?

For large scaling users, the enterprise plan includes Solutions Architect consulting for migration and support. Get in touch with your dedicated support engineer to make your project shine!

Can I cancel my subscription ?

You can cancel you subscription anytime directly from the UI. Please note that we have a no-refund policy so that every started period is due, even if not used in full for the base fee. The pay-as-you-go consumption will stop immediately but consumed MAR are due in the relevant billing period. If you have any issue our support team is here to help you at

What is a Monthly Active Row (MAR)?

Only pay for Monthly Active Rows (MAR), which are rows inserted, updated or deleted by our connectors within the same month (i.e. billing cycle) — not total rows. Each MAR is only counted once per month, no matter how many changes and in which direction (two-way sync) it happens.

Can I get an invoice ?

Yes, every purchase gets an invoice automatically. If you need a special arrangement, we are happy to help! Contact our friendly support team at to get a helping hand!

Can I get a 14-day trial for the Pro plan ?

Our Starter plan is a preview of the PRO plan and offers a 14 days free trial. This is why we do not offer a free trial yet. If you have a specific use case, we are happy to help!
Note that we have a Startup programme that grant you free access to the Pro plan for months, take advantage of that!

Do you provide tutorials ?

We do! And a ton of them! Our documentation and community will be of help to you. Head straight to

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