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Looking for information about Stacksync? Find in our press kit everything you need, including company background, logo guidelines, and contact information for media inquiries. Get the details you need to tell our story accurately and effectively.


Logos and Brand Guidelines

In this folder you'll find our logos, some assets for advertising and brand usage guidelines.

Logos and Brand Guidelines
Media and press

Communicate and Write about Stacksync

Company description, videos, social media, founders and more.

Youtube Channel

All of our Demo and Promotional videos are on youtube. Find them there!

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Social Media

Find a list of our social media in our website footer! We run mainly LinkedIn and Instagram, but also Twitter and Facebook.

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We create content for developer, data analysts and business folks.

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Assets (and memes)

Up-to-date product images, screenshots and even memes!

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Product Documentation

Tutorials, read-the-docs and technical specifications.

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Anything else

We're happy to help! askus anything and/or show us some love ❤️

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We are glad you are here! If you are researching about Stacksync, we are happy to chat with you and help with any media publication you are building.