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Stacksync Consulting

Stacksync Consulting Services offer a wide range of services, from data activation, CRM integration, data pipelining and modern data stack.

CRM Integration Expert
Data Warehouses
Modern Data Stack
Microsoft Azure
Google Cloud
Marketing & Data
No-code workflows
Lausanne (CH), Paris (FR) and New York (USA)
Project size starting at
2000 $

Stacksync Consulting Services is a the consulting branch of Stacksyn. They provide an extensive range of services to clients looking to streamline their data management processes. Their services include data activation, which involves leveraging data to improve decision-making and drive business growth. They also offer CRM integration, enabling clients to seamlessly integrate customer data with other business processes. Stacksync Consulting Services also provides data pipelining services, which ensure the efficient flow of data across systems, and modern data stack solutions that offer the latest technology and tools for data management. Their consulting services are designed to help clients make the most of their data assets and achieve their business goals through effective data management.